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about us...

We want to plant biblical Baptist churches in Lithuania, which should grow to independent and self – sustaining and multiplying churches.

How do we want to realize this?

After three years of studying the lithuanian language and culture we moved from Kaunas to Alytus. We wanted to build contacts and relationships to the people here through personal contacts, you naturally make, if you live somewhere abroad, but also through different events (like evangelistic concerts, participation in city festivities and seminars at the college in Alytus...)
We are aware of that that will be a very long process and that we will need much work, patience and mainly love to the people here in Alytus (more about that you can read in our prayerletters). We want to lead these people to Christ and to the decision to live with him. Then we want to prepare them to reach out to other people... This shall happen in a new founded church.

We are still searching for teams...

... At first we think of course about lithuanian coworkers, who help and support us here at the church.
But we are also searching for prayergroups, who support us and our work in prayer.
And because every missionwork needs finances, we are searching for people, groups and churches who support our serving and working financially.

We would be glad to have you in our team.

Please write us – we will contact You!

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