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Laurynas is sales manager of "Volkswagen" here in Alytus. Because of some personal circumstances he came to the church, where we tried to help him with these problems, but also spiritually. But beacuse of personal circumstances he left Alytus and moved to Vilnius, where he works now in his old position as sales manager of "Volkswagen".

Giedrius became a believer three years ago. At this time he was living with his girlfriend. God worked in his life, so that he saw, that he needs to change his lifestyle.
Shortly afterwards he married his girlfriend. (This was our first marriage in the church.) And both of them were baptized. Because of the economic situation Giedrius works 6-7 month a year in Sweden.

Odeta comes to our church for years now and she helps in different areas (earlier she helped in prayer time and Worship) and now she helps with the childrenĀ“s lesson, which takes place parallel with the sunday service. She is a social worker and worked in a project (integration of orphans in the society) by family Zupkas (who are members of our church).

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